Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Dog Park News June 5, 2012)

DogParksUSA made the 10 hour drive from Scottsdale AZ to Taos NM and arrived at the dog-friendly Earthship world headquarters. Yes, sounds outer spacey, but Earthships are wonderful adobe structures in the Taos desert using Earthship Biotecture techniques to create sustainable living. Built with natural and recycled materials (including beer cans, wine bottles and old tires), Earthships are heated and cooled, and powered by solar/thermal heating and cooling and solar and wind electric power. Water is harvested, sewage is treated and food is produced by Earthships, too. DogParksUSA will be in Taos for two nights; and will report on dog-friendly Taos in tomorrow's post, and more on the Earthships in the next issue of The Trashy Wench: Queen of Creative Reuse. http://www.DogParksUSA.org and http://trashywench.blogspot.com