Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Dog Park News June 10, 2012

Dog parks in El Paso TX did not pass muster during DogParksUSA's WESTWARD HOund Dog 2012 dog park assessments, sorry to say. Overall, they did not provide the dogs with any water (or with one spigot as far away from the dog park entrance as possible), no shade under the brutal desert sun, and only one waste station at the entrances, resulting in tons of poop far from the stations not getting scooped. Boo, El Paso!

Disgusted with the dog parks here, DogParksUSA's field reporter, Shiloh, chose instead to take an on-leash hike in Murchison Park and enjoyed one of the scenic overlooks (photo).

DogParksUSA is off to Austin TX tomorrow to continue its dog park assessments there.

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