Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Dog Park News June 14, 2012

DogParksUSA finished assessing the NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) dog parks; they have three, one each in their Central Business District, French Quarter and Garden District/Uptown neighborhoods. The City Bark dog park in NOLA's City Park is by far the best dog park in NOLA and one of the best in the country (and they purchased the DogParksUSA dog park development book before developing City Bark!).

The WESTWARD HOund Dog 2012 assessments for this trip are complete, and DPU field reporter Shiloh took to Bourbon Street this evening (see photo). She earned a set of dog Mardi Gras beads at some point, has no idea what she bared to get them, but there they are!

DogParksUSA heads back to Florida tomorrow, driving for a few days, then will start updating PawedCastTV (http://www.PawedCast.TV) with assessment videos of all the dog parks visited.

Speaking of the dog park development book that NOLA City Bark purchased, it is still on sale for $15 off through June 16th - - coupon code ONEFIVE