Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Dog Park News June 2, 2012)

WESTWARD HOund Dog 2012 dog park assessments started in the Scottsdale Arizona area this afternoon after DogParksUSA drove 360 miles from San Diego. Dog parks in Gilbert, Phoenix and Scottsdale were visited, with two more days of dog park assessments to follow.

DogParksUSA finally got to visit the infamous poo-powered lights dog park in Gilbert -- Cosmo Dog Park. This dog park has a dog poo digester that powers the street lights. A future PawedCast will go into more detail about the poo power. This dog park has so many charming aesthetic elements, too, besides poo power. Outside of the dog park, the water sports stadium has paw print elements added to the sides and the walkway to the stadium consists f giant prints (picture). Doggone cute!

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