Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dog Park News June 12, 2012

Austin Texas dog parks were all assessed today by DogParksUSA's WESTWARD HOund Dog 2012. Many of the dog "parks" were not dog parks, as in "fenced areas exclusively for the use of dogs", but rather parks that permitted dogs. A lot of them allowed dogs off-leash but were in open areas, not fenced, right next to busy roadways and in the way of bicyclists and joggers (many of whom had to avoid lunging dogs and being chased by dogs). DogParksUSA only found two true dog parks, fenced and for the exclusive use of dogs. Those reviews for the true dog parks will appear in future PawedCasts. The locals did tell me Austin is very dog-friendly in that many eating establishments offer outside dog-friendly dining areas -- nice!

One of the dog-friendly (but not dog park) along the Colorado River in downtown Austin was quite lovely for a stroll, and the DPU field reporter stopped for a view of the downtown skyline with the river in the background (photo).

DogParksUSA is done in Austin and heading to New Orleans Louisiana tomorrow for the final phase of WESTWARD HOund Dog 2012.