Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dog Park News (May 31, 2012)

DogParksUSA arrived in San Diego California today for the second phase of WESTWARD HOund Dog 2012, and started visiting dog parks and dog beaches right away. San Diego has a lot of dog parks for us to assess, so we'll be very busy for the next two days, but one sign caught our attention ...
... a car wash with a big banner that says "Coin operated Dog Wash now open!" DogParksUSA just had to check it out.
It is a coin-operated machine in which you place your dog (it can handle all sizes, according to the owner, including bull mastiffs) and for $10.00, you can wash, lather, flea treat, rinse, deodorize, condition and dry your dog. The owner is hoping to set up a total of 10 of these machines in the San Diego area. This one is located inside the Rosecrans Hand Car Wash at 3768 Rosecrans Street. The car wash is offering special car wash/dog wash deals. DogParksUSA may take them up on it for its field reporters before leaving San Diego. 
One last thing: the publisher for the number one selling dog park development book is offering a special 30% off using coupon code BLOOM thru June 3rd.