Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Dog Park News (February 11, 2012)

New dog beach opens in Indian Harbour FL and new dog park opens in Fogelsville PA.

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State of Ohio is currently the only with state with statewide breed-specific legislation (BSL). The General Assembly has just repealed it, but supporters still anxiously wait for the governor to sign the bill.

Dog park under construction in Montgomery AL.

Source of overblown rumor at Merritt BC Canada dog park that a dog was killed by rat poison there finally was determined to have started with someone overhearing an innocent conversation and embellishing it -- over and over again. Let's end the rumor now -- no dog was killed or poisoned at the dog park in Merritt.

Dog parks proposed for Bayport MN, Boyertown PA, New Franklin OH, Barnstable MA, Southaven MS, Farmington Hills MI and Keiser WV.

Tulsa OK claims to their commissioners that their dog park, Biscuit Acres, has been "ranked among the best in the country" -- unknown by whom.

New dog parks have been approved for Diamond Bar CA, Maricopa CA, Austin MN and Livermore CA.