Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Dog Park News (February 09, 2012)

Pet wolf welcomed by dogs but met with mixed reactions when brought to dog park in Saskatoon SK Canada.

The AKC is opposed to Rhode Island Senate Bill 2193, which seeks to virtually eliminate debarking from being performed in RI. According to the AKC, debarking is a viable veterinary procedure that may allow a dog owner to keep a dog that barks excessively in its loving home rather than being forced to surrender it to a shelter.

Stone Mountain GA tensions running high over dog owners' pleas to re-open Red Dog Park.

Dog parks proposed for Chisago County MN, Westfield MA, Austin MN, Ridgefield WA, Worcester MA, Los Gatos CA, Boyertown PA and Nashua NH.

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Dog park under construction in North Wichita KS.

A new public toilet with a drinking fountain for people and dogs will be installed at Swarbrick's Landing in Hamilton New Zealand.