Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dog Park News (March 03, 2012)

Property has been donated for Austin MN's new dog park but it can't open until the fence is funded.

Fenced dog park currently under construction in Arlington MA is slated to open this spring.

Dog parks have been proposed for Columbus NE, Calistoga CA, Dennison OH and River Edge NJ.

Peterborough ON Canada's proposed off-leach dog park is going to the council soon for approval.

New dog park has opened in Easley SC and opening soon in Lawndale CA.

DogParksUSA(tm) is heading for Daytona Beach FL today for a few days to help the city plan their dog park. DogParksUSA(tm) has been helping to build dog parks since 1996. Visit to find out how they can help you!.