Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8th edition of the dog park manual just released for sale!

From the "Johnny Appleseed of dog parks", this book covers every aspect you need to know, including how dog parks add 
value and quality of life to communities, what other communities did to get their own dog parks, what to take into 
consideration when building a dog park (design, facilities, fencing, drainage, pathways, pest control, landscaping, 
parking, leashes and collars, rules and regulations, waivers and release of liability, recreational use immunity act, 
private dog park insurance, local ordinances), how to obtain or construct your own dog park equipment, dog demographics, 
dog poop, dog bites (statistics, myths, facts, studies, prevention and education guidelines), state liability laws, state 
recreational use immunity act laws, dog body language, vicious dogs, muzzling, what you can do to build a dog park in your 
community, political action plans, legislative do's and don'ts, how to raise money, fundraising sources and ideas, 
petitions, how to run special events, photo documentaries, collections of studies, reports, background information and 
other relevant data, and much more! The book consists of 23 chapters, for a total of 569 pages. This book is now in its 
8th edition (the 7th edition was 324 pages), and bigger and better than ever!

Chapter 01 covers how dog parks add value and quality of life to communities; Chapter 02 describes what other communities 
did to get their own dog parks.

Chapter 03 covers what to take into consideration when building a dog park -- design, facilities, fencing, drainage, 
pathways, pest control (also see Chapter 15), landscaping (also see Chapter 4), parking, the Americans with Disabilities 
Act, leashes and collars, evaluations of the needs of dogs and dog owners, parking lot design, signage (also see Chapters 
9 and 23), and waste receptacles (also see Chapter 15). 

Chapter 04 discusses poisonous plants and mulch that should not be used in the dog park.
Chapter 05 covers the great dog park debate about scooping the poop (also see Chapter 15).
Chapter 06 discusses what you can do to start a dog park in your community, political action plans, legislative contact 
do's and don'ts, petitions and position papers (also see Chapter 23).

Chapter 07 covers demographical facts about the mighty pooch's status in the USA
Chapter 08 covers how to obtain or construct your own dog park equipment.
Chapter 09 discusses rules and regulations, liability application forms, and releases (also see Chapter 23).
Chapter 10 covers dog bite statistics, myths, facts, studies, causes, prevention and education guidelines, state liability 
laws, dog body language, aggressive dog breeds and breeds that only have a bad reputation, definition of a vicious dog, 
and muzzling.

Chapter 11 discusses recreational use immunity, private dog park liability insurance, and local ordinances.
Chapter 12 covers fundraising ideas (also see Chapter 14), how to run capital campaigns and special events.
Chapter 13 discussed how to use the internet to advocate for, and raise money and support for your dog park.
Chapter 14 covers how to write proposals to apply for grants, funders of animal-related grants, how to find funding 
sources, and how to acquire a non-profit designation.

Chapter 15 discusses eco-friendly, sustainable dog park practices.
Chapter 16 covers indoor dog park design and trends.
Chapter 17 covers rooftop and elevated dog park design and trends.
Chapter 18 covers dog swim design and trends.
Chapter 19 covers dog church trends.
Chapter 20 covers dog bar and dining designs and trends.
Chapter 21 discussed interesting dog park ideas and trends, including hotels for dogs, airport dog parks, underground dog parks and floating dog parks.
Chapter 22 covers art in dog parks, and other interesting dog park information.
Chapter 23 contains studies, reports, background information, relevant media reports, and overflow photos of dog park 
infrastructures from prior chapters.

Order your copy, hot off the press, just published today, from http://tinyurl.com/dogparkmanual
Thank you!